Mission: Safety


Mission: Safety is a computer game, part of a suite of software created for Target corporation employees. The goal of the software is to teach proper safety procedures to new employees utilizing engaging characters and situations.

This particular game has the gamer performing tasks as the Targ 2000 robot. The Targ 2000 knows all the safety rules, and won't perform any unsafe actions. This allows the gamer to try different strategies to deal with simple spills, chemical spills, warehouse accidents, etc. The game is both timed and scored.

Full motion video and bullet-point summaries provide instruction and help for the safety exercises. Because the gamer operates the robot every step of the way, the proper safety procedures are reinforced each time the gamer "wins".

Combining animation, sound, video and varied user interactions helps to draw the gamer into the subject and improve retention of the safety information.

For an on-line version of the Targ 2000 robot without the video, please go here.

Development system: Macromedia Director - Lingo
Video: Quicktime
Operating system: Windows or MacIntosh


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