Lifetime Library - Network Records Manager

The Network Records Manager provides support and expansion for the Lifetime Library. The NRM establishes a database capable of supporting thousands of students, all of whom can be using the Library. The video may be accessed from local CD-ROM or a network server.

The NRM allows the instructor to add new students, manage existing students, and produce individual and group reports. Using an intuitive interface, instructors can readily view reports on screen, or print them out. The instructor also has access to the student's records book, so he can see what the student sees. A messaging system is also built in to allow notices to be posted for the students.

A variety of utilities are available to support the NRM. A full manual explaining installation and operation is available here.

For more about the Lifetime Library, go here.

Presentation system: ClickToLearn ToolBook - OpenScript
Database: Paradox
Operating system: Windows


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