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The Lifetime Library consists of 111 lessons, teaching reading, writing, math and algebra with an emphasis on developing the basic skills in these areas. Full motion video, narration, interactive activities, practice exercises, graphics and prose convey the instruction. There are fully integrated placement vehicles, as well as lesson level exams. The lessons can be used as remediation or core instruction, depending on the level of the student.

With over 100,000 html pages and graphics, this is a large and complex web application. Navigationally, the Library feels much more like a normal instructional program rather than a "website". The narration and video is provided on local CDs, or may be loaded onto a server within a computer lab.

Student records are stored in a SQL database. Time on task and scores on exercise sets and tests are tracked. A simple username/password system provides access for the student.

The Library provides 6 question types:

  1. Rectangular area select
  2. Multiple choice
  3. 2 column multiple choice
  4. Short answer entry
  5. Fraction entry
  6. Algebraic expression entry

For a fuller explanation of the Library, go here.

Presentation system: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML
Server components: ASP (VBScript), SQL Server 2000
Video: WMV7 and WMA8
Browsers: Windows Internet Explorer 5 or better


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