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Gilbert Valley Antiques sells stoneware, Civil War artifacts, and photographs taken during the early history of cameras. Minnesoota.com is their on-line showroom, supporting and extending their Ebay sales.

As is often the case, the client wanted a shell into which he could easily add more content. The frame-based website design separated the controls and structure from the content, making it easier for the antique listings to be changed. Several types of interior pages were templated, each of which fits into the main structure.

The primary objectives of this website were to:

  1. Provide photographs and descriptions of antiques in an easily accessible format
  2. Support and extend Ebay sales
  3. Allow Gilbert Valley Antiques to easily extend the website by adding items and categories

Presentation system: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Server-side components: ASP (VBScript)
Browsers: Any


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