TRAP-IT Security Plannerô

The TRAP-IT Security Plannerô is a VB.NET program allowing a food production facility to gather information about its employees and physical plant. With this information, the software assists the facility's security personnel in creating a plan to secure food targets from threats.

A variety of reports are generated in PDF form summarizing the information for analysis and implementation of the security plan. Icon-based graphics tools allow the user to set up perimeters and security targets on diagrams of his facility and define access. Text-based information about people entering the facility is gathered using simple forms.

The Security Planner is designed to run on a Tablet PC using the pen interface. Handwriting recognition is built in, as provided by the Tablet PC edition of Windows XP. A full data storage back-up system is also provided.

Development system: VB.NET
Database: Microsoft Access
Operating system: Windows XP Tablet Edition


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