Video Buddy - Set-top DVD

Video Buddy is a children's program built from half-hour cartoon and live-action sequences. The children watch portions of cartoons, then are presented with a series of multiple-choice questions about shapes, colors, etc. The questions are answered via a 5-button controller, with an infrared link to the DVD player.

This project was originally developed as a set of videotapes played on a VCR with a controller attached. The VCR didn't stop, so it didn't really matter whether the children answered the questions or not. The greater control available over the DVD player allows us to ask the question and wait for the answer. If the question is answered incorrectly, it is asked again with a hint. If the child answers incorrectly a second time, she is told the correct answer.

This prototype was assembled for a trade show. The project didn't go beyond prototyping because of a lack of funding.

Development system: Daiken Scenarist
Presentation system: Stand-along DVD players


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