Our Place

Our Place deals with the subject of how to locate housing. The educational software was developed for the New York State Office of Children and Family Services to train their employees to assist their clients in finding an apartment. Originally developed by the Distance Learning Project of the State University of New York, the software depended upon AVI video.

My part in this project was to upgrade their software to handle MPEG video, much higher quality video than they'd previously encoded. The task involved refitting their presentation shell with a dual system - one to display the older video and one to display the new. They also required support for both software and hardware decoding of their video.

The presentation, design and graphics, and instructional materials were provided to me as working source code, which was modified to handle the new video.

Development system: ClickToLearn ToolBook - OpenScript
Video: AVI and MPEG-1
Operating system: Windows


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