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Lifetime Learning is the software development company that created the Lifetime Library. The Library is an extensive collection of educational software, described elsewhere on this site.

This particular website is the third revision, which reorganized information to surface the more sales-oriented pages. The details of the product and its use were moved deeper into the site. The structure can be seen here.

The primary objectives of this website were to:

  1. Provide information about the product to prospective customers
  2. Allow individuals to purchase the Library
  3. Provide basic technical support to existing customers

Because the prices are changed regularly for different customer groups, the web pages displaying pricing and the shopping cart need to adapt to the URL used to open the site. Cookies are used to retain the "special offers" provided to some groups.

Presentation system: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Server-side components: ASP (VBScript), SQL Server 2000
E-commerce components: Wells Fargo shopping cart
Browsers: Any


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