A program should follow the Law of Least Astonishment.
What is this law? It is simply that the program should always respond to the user in the way that astonishes him the least.
- The Tao of Programming
by Geoffrey James

TThe essence of good design is that form follows function. Don't let the sparkle of the technology get in the way of what you're trying to do. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what language the nifty new component is written in, or how the data gets written to the server. What really matters is the design.

DDesign is the heart of your project. If you develop a good design, the project will succeed. If you skip the design and jump right into the details, you'll end up with a real mess. Ask yourselves these sorts of questions first.

  1. What's the goal? Just what do we want to get out of this project, anyway?

  2. What's the audience? Who will use the software?

  3. Will anyone outside our group ever see the software? Is it for the public, or our company? Is it for 'trained experts' or novices?

  4. How much time do we have? Have we taken into account testing, packaging, the sales cycle?

  5. What materials already exist that we can use? Are there pictures, color schemes, logos, etc. that already exist?

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